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Gap services for children & adults

From: $10.00 for 1 year

There are service needs for developmentally disabled children and adults that are not covered by the generous agency offerings. Fees and meals for outings, transportation and additional chaperons for outings can make an amazing difference in the lives of these individuals. Access to real musical instruments and other art forms, and associated instruction, can prove positively trans-formative for an individual with a developmental disability. They will get to enjoy services and activities most of us take for granted.

Camping for critically ill children

From: $10.00 for 1 year

Just In Time Foundation will donate 10% of all donations regardless of size to Serious Fun Net Work and Flying Horse Farms to give camping experiences to critically ill children. Camping with kids afflicted by similar challenges allows time to focus on fun and enjoyment as a child and leaves being sick on the periphery for one moment in time. That can be a life changing memory.

Educational initiatives

From: $10.00 for 1 year

All may have been created equal but all are not treated equal. Education is the big equalizer for families of developmentally disabled, care givers, and medical professionals involved in their care. There are vast programs and benefits that are not always shared with all parties. Simply through the sheer volume of service and clinical options information gets buried in documents that are then archived. We will breathe rotating life into these documents and services through digital outreach programs to help educate all parties.

Acquisition of Service Animals

From: $10.00 for 1 year

Service animals can help with activities of daily living and have been found to enhance cognitive function of some individuals afflicted with developmental disabilities. Such animals are are not readily affordable to many individuals that would provide loving and respectful relationships with such pets. The net effect will be happy humans and happy pets.

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