Social Interaction Pattern

Toddlers Most toddlers with autism, have difficulty playing social games, don’t imitate the actions of others, reject cuddles initiated by a parent or someone who cares and prefer to play alone. Children and Adults Both children and adults with autism also tend to have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking and feeling. A smile or […]


ADHD – Causes

CAUSES It’s not completely known what causes Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Some studies show a genetic link. Other possible causes of ADHD include: Exposure to drugs Nicotine Drinking alcohol during pregnancy Low birth weight Premature birth Nutritional (such as food additives) Brain injury and exposure to lead paint could also increase your risk of developing […]

Young boy holds ADHD text written on sheet of paper

Things to Know About ADHD

A Significant Disorder ADHD is not the “insignificant” disorder some imagine it to be. The direct “cost of illness” associated with ADHD across all ages in the US is estimated to be over $74 billion (using conservative incidence rates estimates). A study in the year 2013 found out the following: The total spending on ADHD […]


Diabetes – Introduction

When people with diabetes eat glucose, which is in foods such as breads, cereals, fruit and starchy vegetables, legumes, milk, yoghurt and sweets, it can’t be converted into energy so glucose in the blood becomes too elevated (hyper-glycaemia). This excess blood glucose eventually passes out of the body in urine. So, even though the blood […]

Young boy holds ADHD text written on sheet of paper

ADHD – Social Skills Training

Social skills training involves your child taking part in role play situations, and aims to teach them how to behave in social situations by learning how their behaviour affects others. Stress management techniques This can benefit parents of children with ADHD by increasing their ability to deal with frustration so that they can respond calmly […]

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