Social Interaction Pattern


Most toddlers with autism,

  • have difficulty playing social games,
  • don’t imitate the actions of others,
  • reject cuddles initiated by a parent or someone who cares
  • and prefer to play alone.

Children and Adults

Both children and adults with autism

  • also tend to have difficulty interpreting what others are thinking and feeling.
  • A smile or wave may have little or no meaning.
  • They may also not have the ability to initiate and sustain conversations with people.


  • Many persons with autism are not able to understand things from other people’s perspective. For instance reacting in an unusually negative way when asked to do something by someone else.
  • Also not being aware of other people’s personal space.
  • Regulating emotions is a Herculean task for most autistic persons. They cry or have outbursts in inappropriate situations. They also exhibit an unusually aggressive behavior especially when there is a change in their routine.

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Autism is a highly variable neurodevelopmental disorder first appearing during infancy or childhood

God Bless You


By Dr. David Rex Orgen

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